Tutorial 2 - How to Search/Find importers-exporters by HS Codes, Date interval, Product Description etc.

The database contains millions of records, spanning from 2006 till 2006. By default, nothing is displayed or records are displayed in reverse chronological order.

You must use the search tools (by clicking the Search icon, located above or below the table) to show the advanced search box and then use it to retrieve from the database the records you want.
Navigation Tools Panel

I. Advanced Search
Advanced Search Box   Advanced Search Box
Advanced search mechanism of the system enables you to carry out search on single or multiple columns (fields) using unlimited number of search criteria.
In Advanced search mode, you can combine several columns and give each column the criterion (condition) it should meet for your search.
Available search criteria include: Other possible conditions that you may use for your search are: 'is in', 'is not in', 'ends with', 'does not end with', 'contains', 'does not contain'.
II. Additional Filter by Columns (Toolbar filter)
Column header filters
After you have used Advanced Search Box to retrieve the main records you want, you can now use additional Filter by Columns Headers to further limit the data dipslayed in the table. Note that Column Header Filters will be applied only to the records you have retrieved using Advanced Search


AutoComplete search helper To use the AutoComplete search helper, do the following:
Scenario 1 :
Find importers of product Prepared foods obtained from unroasted cereal flakes
For the month of February, 2013
Product country of origin - Germany
Cargo country of departure - Turkey
Product Net weight - from 100 kilograms and more
Product value in US dollars - from 50 dollars and more

Step 1 - We need the product HS Code(s). If not known, then use the Harmonized System Product Classification to get the corresponding 2-, 4- or 6-digit HS Code

Step 2 - Click the Search icon, located above or below the table - to activate the advanced search box
Advanced Search Box

Step 3 - We need two search terms to set the date range for 28 days (February month). Click on the plus (+) button to add search elements to the form.
The first one is "greater or equal" the start date, while the second is "less or equal" the final date.
Advanced Search Box with filled search terms and criteria

Step 4 - Click on the plus (+) button to add search elements for Product HS Code. Pay attention to the Product HS Code (1904) search term and criteria: 4-digit hs code and "begin with" condition. This will retrieve all Product HS Codes that begin with 1904 up to the 9 digits

Step 5 - Click on the plus (+) button to add search elements for other search terms: Product country of origin, Cargo country of departure, Product Net weight, Product value in US dollars.

Step 6 - Decide on how you want the search to be carried out: "AND" or "OR".
 Search fields and criteriaAll - same as AND, meaning the search must match ALL the criteria you specify for all columns. Any - same as OR, meaning the search matches the criteria you specify for any one of the columns.

Step 7 - Click Find. The search box will disappear and matching records will be displayed in the table
You can now customize the table view, resize the columns, sort the table, set amount of data to display per page, further carry out additional searches using the table columns, invoke other actions to suite your specific needs.

To erase all search conditions, Click Clear or Reset.
To remove a search item with condition, Click click the minus (-) button  Remove Search field, located at the end of the search string input box.

Special Notes:

Item: Registration in the system is necessary to Retrieve REAL global trade data from EximStat database, Export same to Excel, PDF or CSV, Send business offers, Receive updates and technical support.
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