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EximStat™ International Trade Data

EximStat™ $Trade Data is an intelligent international trade information management system.
EximStat™ houses and processes voluminous international trade database, to help importers (exporters) retrieve, analyse and use statistical data in order to make guided decision in their global transactions. Started by Exporter, IT professional cum Business consultant, Dr. Joseph Ogunbiyi (ph.d), EximStat™ sprouted from its parent company Megaross Ltd., information and marketing consulting company, which has been operating in Russia since 2003.

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    EximStat™ Resources

    EximStat™ pulls its resources from from various sources. Most importanly, EximStat™ relies on official statistics and/or business partners from more than 5 countries (to be increased to 8 soon). Real international trade records are extracted from original documents, therefore we can vow to the accuracy and reliability of the information.

    Why use EximStat™

  • You get authentic, reliable and up-to-date information
  • New information is continually added to the database
  • You will not waste your valuable time and spend huge amount of money on advertisement to search for fresh importers or exporters
  • All major importers (or exporters) you need to know to start serious import-export business with 5 countries (Russia, Ukraine, UK, India, China) are listed in the database

    Who uses EximStat™

    EximStat™ content is used by:
  • Exporters and Importers
  • Customs & Excise Officials
  • Shipping Agencies
  • Trade Missions
  • Corporates
  • Exim Consultants, Brokers
  • Business Data Resellers, Providers

    How to use EximStat™

  • Select a subscription plan - free, starter, standard or premium
  • Create a user account on our system.
  • Login to the system
  • Retrieve the data you need
  • Save, print or export data/report to your system
  • Use the information to establish contact with importers(exporters)
  • You can also use the data for analytical purposes - compare prices, level of competition, top importers(exporters), product country of origin, departure, destination, incoterms etc.
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